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Gogo Radioshow

every Saturday 23:00 – 24:00

hosted by Ralf GUM, MAQman, Sir LSG

GOGO Comeback auf Radio Superfly! This radio show, hosted by Ralf GUM, MAQman and Sir LSG, dives deep into the diverse world of soulful house music. Under his direction, the essence of harmony, soul and groove is celebrated, but these elements are only the superficial facets of their show. The show offers an insight into the depth and complexity of this genre, exploring different styles and sub-genres. With an audience on every continent and now also on Radio Superfly, Gogo delivers house music to a wider audience and creates a platform for musical discovery and inspiration.


UKW: Wien 98.3 | St.Pölten, Tulln, Krems 93.2 | Baden 95.5
DAB+: österreichweit seit 21. Juni 2024
Kabel: Magenta TV

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Smart Speaker: Alexa & Google Home Skill


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